Privacy Policy

This website doesn’t share your sensitive personal information with any third party Being a doctor-first company, we understand the sensitivity of the information shared by you. We value the trust you place in us. Safeguarding your privacy is important to us and we protect your information using the safest encryption standards and privacy-safe practices.

We Safeguard Your Data with Military-Grade Encryption Technology

We implement military-grade AES 256-bit encryption technology to safeguard your data

This encryption converts your normal text into Ciphertext

This encryption technology is used by armed forces around the world to protect their data

Frequently Asked Questions

What is our approach to data security and privacy ?

We are extremely conscious of our users’ privacy and confidentiality rights. We withhold all our user’s information with utmost safety.

Our platform gives you the option to withdraw your consent. Further, you may also choose to stop using such services for which your consent is required or accessing our platforms.

How do we incorporate privacy into our IT systems ?

Our IT architecture follows the "privacy by design" approach. All our products come with privacy as an in-built feature.

We deploy AES 256-bit encryption technology that safeguards your information and meets the requirements of new-age safety standards.

Further, our systems are designed to access your information only on a need to know basis. Any information that is not required to be known remains confidential.

What level of control does a doctor have over their data ?

Any classified information that a doctor may collect, process and administer as part of their practice only stays with the doctor. This ensures that doctors are in full control of their data. Additionally, you can reach out to us at for any more queries.

What if I find a security vulnerability in any of your applications ?

In case, you find any such vulnerability, please inform us at, . We assure you that our teams will address any such issues at the highest priority.

As a health-tech company, we understand the sensitivities of your information. We are committed to safeguarding it from external threats and vulnerabilities.

Can any patient in India get access to our doctors’ information ?

We are not a doctor discovery platform. A patient can only connect with you by using the our Doctor specific Patient Mobile App and by entering the doctor’s unique code Doctor ID) on the app.

How safe is my information while I am not active on this platforms ?

Your information stays safe with us on our secure servers with restricted access. The data is stored using 256 AES bit encryption.

How do we ensure the safety of my patient’s information on their platforms ?

We implement military-grade AES 256-bit encryption technology to safeguard all your information. All information including your patients’ is kept safe using this AES 256-bit technology that the armed forces around the world use to protect their data.

Do we share my patient’s information with someone else ?

No. When patients book an appointment from this doctor specific web application or Patient app, the patient is linked only to you.